DUO Bonnymans' Wild Blueberry Bitters (30mL)

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We've put together one bottle of our original #27 blend and a bottle of its spicy cousin, #111 so that you're prepared for every occasion.

While we recommend the original blend for lighter spirits and the spicy for darker spirits, we encourage you to mix it up and see what works best for you and yours.

We start with premium craft vodka distilled in rural Nova Scotia, add real wild blueberries and finish with an all-natural blend of berries, herbs and spices.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Our bitters have been named after the phone number, "27 Ring 111", that my grandfather had for his business back in the 1950's.  It was a party-line, so there weren't too many secrets up and down the line, but it reminds me of a simpler time and honest food.  We've designed our bitters with my grandmother's kitchen in mind, and opted to use all natural ingredients, as many of them as local as possible.  That means that there is no citrus in our blends, and nothing you'd need a science degree to pronounce.